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An ultra-moisturising, anti-ageing and antioxidant cream formulated to help support skin stem cell longevity, help provide environmental damage protection and gently smooth, soften, hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Helping to restore and strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier and reduce transepidermal water loss, imbuing a more healthy, radiant and youthful-looking complexion. This cream provides anti-ageing pollution protection that helps to prevent premature skin ageing, visibly improving skin laxity, tone and texture and protecting against free radical damage. Non-comedogenic and anti-allergen.

Pure Nourish Moisturising Cream


    Use daily after cleansing and toning, apply to face and neck, and gently massage until completely absorbed. Avoid the eye contour area.

    • Malus Domestica Cell Culture Extract(in liposomes) - Anti-Ageing, Stem Cell Longevity
    • Panthenol - Vitamin, Moisturising, Humectant
    • Ubiquinone - Antioxidant
    • Sweet Almond Oil - Botanical Extract, Moisturising, Emollient
    • Shea Butter - Botanical Extract, Nourishing Emollient, Antioxidant
    • Olea Europaea - Botanical Extract, Antioxidant, Nourishing, Hydrating, Skin-Soothing, Skin-Replenishing, Emollient
    • Olive Oil - Botanical Extract, Emollient, Skin Replenishing, Antioxidant
    • Vitamin A - Vitamin, Skin-Restoring, Regenerating, Antioxidant
    • Squalane - Emollient Lipid
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