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Perfecting foaming gel


PAYOT enchants your daily life and enhances your beauty routine with the Purifying Foaming Cleansing Gelated Gray Paste with melting vegetable charcoal microbeads. Delicately scented, this treatment leaves the skin with a feeling of purity and a veil of tenderness punctuated with joyful notes of crushed leaves and rose.




The skin is soft and comfortable: 100%*

The skin texture is visibly smoothed: 100%*

*Satisfaction test carried out under dermatological control on 21 volunteers. Twice-daily application for 28 days. % of volunteers who perceived the effect.



Vegetable charcoal microbeads

Chilean mint leaf extract

Zinc extract

Pate Grise Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser

    • Gently massage and lather onto damp face, neck and back, avoiding the eye area.

    • Rinse carefully with cool water in the morning to wake up your skin, with lukewarm water in the evening to relax it and remove the last traces of makeup.

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