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Gommage Amande is an exfoliating cream with pistachio and sweet almond extracts. Brimming with micro-particles, this scrub is formulated to deliver a delectable exfoliating action. By mechanical exfoliation, it removes impurities from the skin and activate cell renewal which, over time, slows down. It is the perfect product for a cocooning and gourmet moment.



All skin types



Skin is smooth, hydrated, soft and silky.

Healthy and glowy, it is revitalised and more receptive to other treatments.


Sweet almond oil

Pistachio butter

Shea butter

Almond and pistachio micro-grains

Jojoba oil

Apricot kernel oil


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  • Massage gently with circular movements on wet skin or dry skin on rough areas. Rinse thoroughly.

    Use Gommage Amande once or twice a week to have a very soft skin. Use Gommage Amande before applying other body care as moiturising lotion or targetted tratments.

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